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i went to the doctor yesterday and the outcome wasn't quite what i wanted. She thinks there is a chance that the MS has moved farther down my spine. JUST GREAT. 2 weeks before i move i have to deal with this stress. I was going to post pictures of my last scan of my brain and my c-spine. but after looking at them i decided to keep them private for now. They are hard for me to look knowing how much those stupid white spots have changed my life. I also found the copy of the last Optic Nerve. I really shouldnt keep the pictures on my computer.

So today i go in and have my brain and c-spine done ( ugh 2 hours) in the cold stupid room. ( for those that haven't gotten an MRI, they stick you in to this tube, torment if your bigger then a size 6. and then the buzzing starts and as soon as your use to it, they stop shot you full of dye that makes you sick and then the whole thing starts over. Yup fun times)

then Monday i will have the Thoracic and Lumbar spine done. another 2 hour procedure. This is a new procedure for me. So i'm not sure what its going to be like.

EDIT : to add that they might do another dose of steriods, to help things out. those are three days of 3 hour infusions. not so fun but i will admit i did feel much better after i had it done last time ( it was just a few days after my gallbladder surgery)
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house cleaning

Just removed everyone on my friend list that i never see them post or i have no idea why they are on my list... if you see this and want to be back on my just let me know .... 

thanks !!!

Pod Moving

Has anyone had any luck with Pod moving? They gave me a quote of $1155.70 to move from Portland to Spokane. Is that reasonable?

 or has anyone had any amazing experience with moving companies? We are moving with 1 car, 2 cats and a baby so we would prefer not to do the u-haul version of moving.

Edit : also does anyone have any moving boxes that they could pass on to us? I live in Gresham but can travel a reasonable distance to get a few.
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i have to make a decision

I'm sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. i have to make a decision about work FAST as in tomorrow fast.

A.) i go on long term disability thru Att. I would lose 60 hours of vacation and be terminated. However i would keep my insurance for 2 years at the $28 a month i have been paying ( for both me and Katie). This is huge, i cant go with out insurance. I would also still be paid around $200 a month.

B.) I go back to work, as soon as Wednesday. I do have 60 hours of vacation left for this year and then 4 weeks in January. WE are moving in Feb. so this will be short term. However if i go back and cant cut it for any reason then im screwed because if i go back then i forfeit the Long term Disability. Also once i quit or get fired  then i dont have any insurance. I also dont have ANY FMLA to fall back on if i have any trouble.

 Justin and i have talked and talked about it, he does not think im ready to go back. he is probably right and part of me fully agrees with him. Part of me feels i will truely hate myself if i dont try to see if i can go back. However i dont know if i can risk to lose my insurance and stuff.

Work is stressful,  stressful = migraines, fuckered up eyes, and  being unable to function. Plus i really like being able to feel my hands, this doesnt always happen.

Anyone have any works of wisdom?
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offical anouncement

Those that we hang out with on a regular basis  already know this,  but I'm pregnant.. Today was the first OB appointment, we were not  going to make the announcement until after the first appointment because we were worried about the Avonex ( I had taken 6 weeks of shots before we found out I was pregnant and there is a very high miscarriage rate with that medication) but we had a Ultrasound today and saw a heart beat and movement ( the baby kept moving its arm where ever the lap tech put the wand, so at least we know we have having a heathly arm) they have put my due date at June 20th ( a day before my dad's which would be fun )

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